about us


“Croatia for Christ” is a Church ministry founded within the Churches of Christ in Croatia. Our mission is well defined; to promote, direct and aid local Church communities that decide to be a part of our ministry.

As part of our mission we deeply respect the autonomy of each local Church and we work together through open dialogue and in accordance with the guidelines and interests of each individual Church. If our ministry is not in accordance with all aspects of the wishes, needs, or vision of a local Church, we do not want to impose in any way. On the other hand, if our service can help a local Church and its members accept our ministry as an equal but independent structure, we pledge to act happily in unity with the local Church.

Our goal is that all the potential spiritual, social or material benefits from our end stay within the local Church and remain there. “Croatia for Christ” vows to put the interests of local Churches before our own. We will nurture the common goal of each local Church to grow in a spiritual sense as well as to promote the growth of their members.

Our mission is solely and always directed towards the Glory of Our Heavenly Father. We are deeply grateful for the freedom and autonomy we have established in Croatia. We respect our legal rights and obligations within the rule of law. Our mission is clear and our main focus is to praise the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through everything we do.

If you recognize the need for any aspect of our ministry within your local Christian community, if we can aid any individual or charity, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be honored to expand our services towards other Churches or community charities that share the basic principles of our mission.

We wish to serve in such a way that people comprehend our saving faith in Jesus Christ. We want to help each individual to grow with Christ, in a way to have a personal relationship with God through the saving gift of Grace of Jesus Christ and in The Holy Spirit’s strength. Each born again believer should praise the Lord with his thoughts, words and actions within the Church and in the world with one goal only – to be fulfilled (Col 1:28). The main purpose of our ministry is not to act in place of the local Church but to aid the local Church in promoting the Gospel.

The purpose of the local Church, as well as our “Croatia for Christ” ministry, is not and cannot be self-sufficient. The Church needs to draw its main meaning from God and His Righteousness and Holiness. We want to help the local Church to be a strong reflection of God’s Love in this dark world which we live in together. The whole purpose of the local Church is not just to grow in numbers but also to help the existing community of believers grow in a spiritual sense.

Our ministries are not meant just for numerous programs, but for their members – they are the ones who focus on God, and who, on an everyday basis, are filled with the Holy Spirit through the blessed unity of believers in the Church.

We want that our ministry is conducted in such a way that Christian believers through these actions strongly praise Christ, to openly promote their Christian faith in everyday life, to study the Truth correctly and in accordance with Biblical – apostolic teachings. We want them to be brave and consistently proclaim the Gospel through their words and actions.

Soli Deo Gloria – Glory to God alone